Corinthian Leather has Arrived!

The 4th Art West archaeological thriller, and the one with most advanced kudos is now ready for your purchase. And you can get it at a big discount. Here is the link…….

Or more expensively at Amazon.

  • Terry Fry

    Cool! Now I need some money and away I go. Funny thing is I bought all the art west books from wipf and stock store on your advice. Worth doing it.

  • Katoikei

    How do you manage to write so much? I’m thoroughly amazed at your output. Do you have a ghost writer? ;)

  • Anonymous

    Sleep is optional :)

  • Katoikei

    Oh, I get it. It’s the same with my creative twitch, or bent. I can’t switch it off when the river flows it flows and so on …. I’m very impressed with ‘The Gospel Code’ It was my first BW3 bomb and it was immensely relevant to so much of the dirt that is being shoveled around on the internet forums in the name of truth. I can’t wait to sit down and read your narrative account of New Testament History. I started it a few weeks ago but it was so hot I put it down, afraid I might get totally lost in the covers. Oh, dear am I worshiping? They’re not bad. ;)

  • James Korsmo

    Looking forward to it! I’ve reviewed all theothers and can’t wait to get into this one.