Sherlock II is Coming (No not Robert Downey Jr.)

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  • Ben DeVries

    I can’t wait, my wife and I loved the first season. I didn’t expect the modern retellings of the original stories to be so strong.

  • Anthony Parrott

    So fantastic! I’m glad they got it going even while Martin Freeman is off doing “The Hobbit.”

  • Jorris6

    I wish it was more than 3 episodes!

  • Kenny Johnson

    Fantastic show. Still need to finish #1.

  • Les Hutchinson

    Cool – and I like the song in the background!

  • Terry Fry

    I thought the 3 episodes were great. The man who put it together is the man who’s doing the wonderful Doctor Who series. What Genius. I presently am enjoying the 4th season of Merlin. The best of english TV is worth watching.

  • Jonas Hamilton

    This is an amazing series.