Tower Heist—-A Steal of a Deal

When’s the last time you laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed…….??   It’s been a while for me. Most of the one hours and 39 minutes I spent laughing in this movie. It’s been a tough Fall.  And there have not exactly been a plethora of good or funny movies in the last three months.  Especially not good comedies.

And when is the last time you SAW Eddie Murphy in a good and funny movie? No fair counting his role as Donkey in the Shrek series. This is the Eddie Murphy of Trading Places. Where have ye been my dark eyed son???? And though I am not a big Ben Stiller fan he’s actually better than average in this film. It is nice as well to see Matthew Broderick to doing something substantive in a film again. Gabourey Sidibe is superb as well in this film, but the show is truly stolen by a rejuvenated Alan Alda playing a truly loath-worthy Slimy Bernie Madoff (with the cash) character.

The plot is Oceans Eleven material. Ensemble cast, robbery planned of truly bad dudes, but with more likable thieves. Call it the poor man’s Ocean’s Eleven. The film is timely as well since it’s revenge of the ripped off theme plays well in the light of the Madoff type scandals. Revenge is a drink best served silly in this film. You have to not only suspend your disbelief in this film, you have to suspend a vintage Italian sports car from the top of something very like the Trump Tower. And top it all off with the heist transpiring during the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade—- this is the movie to go see during the Thanksgiving season for sure. Even Grandpa will laugh.

Full disclosure— there is a bit of crude language and crude humor, but no real violence or sex. What really makes this film enjoyable is not just the ensemble cast, but the nice way the plot is set up. It starts slow enough, builds slowly to a boiling point, and then when the heist is in finally in progress the film has your absolute full attention, though you should bring some Kleenexes to wipe your eyes for at times you will be laughing so hard you will need help, and sometimes you won’t believe your eyes either.

This movie has no dead spots. It is well paced, and has some good zingers as well. So go planning to pay attention and enjoy. It’s not George Clooney and Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts…. but its close.

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