Pictures from the Paul Simon Concert

  • Drane

    Years ago, In a college dorm discussion at FSU while we were listening to one of the early Simon & Garfunkel albums, I commented that they had to be the best singer/songwriters around. My friend responded no, that would be Lennon/McCartney. I wrongly assented, due to the overwhelming popularity of the Beatles. I should have responded, “How do you compare the subtle poetry of “sounds of silence”, “Bleeker street” or “The Boxer” with shallow lyrics like “I want to hold your haaaaaaand” or “She loves you, Yeah, yeah, yeah….” Can you name anyone more talented as a musician and poet (other than Dylan) than Simon?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Drane:

    I can certainly name some as talented—say Joni Mitchell or Leonard Cohen, or, of course Bob Dylan.