Too Many Birthdays!

Dr. Witherington is resting on his laurels today and celebrating having survived 60 years of living. He is listening to the Beatles prospective classic ‘When I’m 64’ and thinking about the future. He will return to his blog tomorrow, an older, but hopefully wiser man.


Jeff James of Ichthus fame has sallied forth with a bit of verse for birthday BW3– Here it tis…..

Throughout the world there ‘re few we’ve found
Whose thoughts are published all around
In blogs and books and journals bland
Insomnia curing comments ran…

With moniker not nom de guerre
He chats the public cast of fair
Collecting bits from far afield
Nuanced, a glimmer, light revealed

Best known for boxes sans the bones
Pauline junkets, catacombs…
The language holds us back, a bit
Interpret, context, words that fit

Digital projects in the can
Leader for John Calvin’s ban
Publish books for serious fun
Teaching, preaching, never done

Large train of friends and foes along
To hear the poet’s pithy song
Attention caught in queried minds
The scholar’s bait, the timely finds

For 60 years this roundabout
Has pushed the many findings out
Forebearing patience, from loving spouse…
There is a doctor in the house.

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