The Kingdom Perspective Series

While the cognoscenti may not need this insider tip, for everyone else, I trust this post will be helpful. For some years now, I have been doing several series of small books. There was the sacraments series I did for Baylor— Troubled Waters, Making a Meal of It, and The Living Word of God. These books were meant to be read together to help conceptualize an overall approach to the sacraments in the Protestant tradition.

Another series of small books is the Kingdom perspective series. The series begins with a book on the Kingdom itself called Imminent Domain (Eerdmans). This was followed by a book on worship from a Kingdom or eschatological perspective entitled We Have Seen his Glory (also by Eerdmans). At about the same time my book Jesus and Money (Brazos Press) came out which is, as the title suggests, about having a Christian and eschatological and Christological view of material resources including money. That book is absolutely a companion book to the book which emerged this year entitled Work. A Kingdom Perspective (Eerdmans).

The next volume in the series is entitled The Rest of Life which deals with rest, play, study, eating, and sex from a Kingdom perspective (Eerdmans). But there is one more mile to go in the series, and it is reserved for my little book on spiritual formation entitled The Shared Christian Life (Abingdon). Both of these books will be out sometime this year. Honestly, these books should be read together whether they are read in chronological sequence or not.

In all of these books, the focus is on thinking about normal, every day Christian life from a theological, christological, eschatological perspective, something we too seldom do. Theological discussion tend to focus on things like soteriology or pneumatology or the like. This series has a different focus, on normal Christian life and how to conceptualize it in an appropriately Biblical way. Enjoy!

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