E. Stanley Jones Devotional Resource

E Stanley Jones was a giant when it comes to missionary work in India, but less well in our day are his wonderful writings as well which are Biblically challenging and spiritually rich. Some of you will know that it was in fact Jone’s biography of Gandhi that so influenced Martin Luther King Jr. in his decision to pursue a non-violent approach to the civil rights movement.

In this post I simply want to commend one recently re-edited and republished devotional work entitled The Word Became Flesh. I have personally used this book recently and found it soul-nourishing, a very appropriate resource for personal devotions during Lent, but also very challenging as well. Jones was a creative and gifted thinker, and we at Asbury count his legacy as a blessing (our mission school is named after him, and we were one of the first schools in America to have a proper accredited PhD. in missiology).

Here is the personal testimony of one missionary influenced by Jone’s writings.

“I have seen that the writings of E. Stanley Jones are much deeper and open up many truths that should be known that modern day denominationalism does not touch. I have been so touched by the truths that were brought that I have ordered nearly every book that he has written and have been bless by all of them. I have been starting churches in Mexico for the past 29 years and have a direct call from God to that work for that reason, it has had a success and is yet bearing fruit of souls. E. Stanley Jones lived the life of a true missionary in India and had a profound impact on that nation and opened up India to the gospel and we today are seeing the result of his sacrifices.

Jimmy Crowder
Disciple Makers for Jesus Int.
1218 N. Glasscock, Mission, Texas 78572-4518”

I can think of few better resources for the 2012 Lenten season than this one.

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