Richard Bauckham on Jesus and the Eyewitnesses

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  • Mlkehoe

    Thanks! This is really helping me to plan for my study in lent….the class with Dr. Bauer and my reading of the Gospels.

  • Trevor

    I think this book by Richard Bauckham is an extremely under-rated treasure, that deserves a lot more attention. I guess things move slowly in the scholarship world, and eventually filter down into the churches. RB: ‘You could only write good history within the living memory of the events’. RB: ‘The gospels fit within that category’.

    This is a needful scholarly corrective to the mistaken ‘form critics’. Our world is still thinking out of their faulty work. Time to read Bauckham!

  • Trevor Faggotter

    So, yea, thanks Ben for the timely reminder. Trevor

  • John

    I have appreciated all of your writing both on this blog and in your books. Thank you for sharing your scholarship with us.

    I have been thinking lately that I would like to prepare a Bibliography that would include works of fiction – C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, etc. – works of an apologetic nature – Know Why You Believe would be an example, but also would include some books that are a bit more advanced for a more mature reader. Perhaps a commentary section with varying levels of difficulty.

    Unfortunately, it has been years since I graduated from Seminary and I have lost my ‘book awareness’ in a long process of struggles. Is there currently any Bibliography that has already been done – I don’t want to re-invent the wheel so to speak – that has already done such a thing?

  • Benw333

    John there are plenty of bibliographies on Biblical Studies— see for example David Bauer’s. But you are envisioning something broader, and I don’t know of one that broad. BW3

  • Terry Fry

    Nice post. Of course the present books I’m reading is his book. Very good too. Al though he believes the author of the gospel of John is someone else than you wrote about. Both are very good theories.

  • Patrick

    It’s hard to argue with Dr. Bauckham on who wrote John. The killer fact that caused me to side with his view is how Jesus appropriated a verse in Zechariah to apply to the 12. “Strike the shepherd and the sheep will flee”.

    Well, the writer not only did not flee like the 12, he had access to Annias’ quarters when Jesus was in there and Peter did not for example. There’s more evidence he presents in this book as well.

    IF someone has researched more than Bauckham on these issues, I want to read his books, too.

  • Benw333

    Not convincing Patrick since Peter also went to Ananias’ house. So he definitely did not scatter.

  • John

    Thanks – I will give Bauer’s a look see. The reason I wanted to broaden it was for my family. I have such a varied group and some are babes in Christ – others are older in their faith but have not studied much beyond what they get in a sermon.

  • Patrick


    Jesus applied the Zech prophecy to the 12. It’s hard for me to see any of the 12 as authors due to that after we see the author in Annais’ quarters, at the foot of the cross, etc.

    Agree Peter didn’t “flee/scatter” in the sense of how we use that word. I presume that’s not what the ancient Hebrew term meant. Maybe more like “keep your distance from”.

    Bauckham also has Papias&Iranaeus related commentary leading him to think this John isn’t the son of Zebedee.