Christy’s Fund

So many, many of you have responded to the news about our Christy girl’s sudden death, and I want to say thank you for that. Today is an especially sad day for us as we are in Durham N.C., sorting through Christy’s clothes and belongs, sending some to Good Will, parceling out furniture to family, and packing up her house and putting it in a Penske truck to drive back to Lexington Ky. It is hard to see our sweetpea disappear by inches as her personal effects are given away, the things she spent a lifetime collecting and treasuring, especially her books.

In response however to a question I have been asked hundreds of times in the last two months, namely ‘what can I do to help’, I now have a concrete answer.

A scholarship has been set up in Christy’s name, the Christy Ann Witherington scholarship at Asbury Theological Seminary. All donations are tax deductible and the money will go entirely to support female students who are taking the M.A. in Biblical or Theological Studies, or the M. Div. or the PhD in Biblical Studies. I know Christy would do a happy dance about this news, as she was such a supporter of women and their education. I hope that those of you who have been looking for something to do to honor Christy will take advantage of this opportunity. I know as well our Russian daughter Yuliya is especially pleased with this news as she is a graduate of Asbury Seminary and knows just how limited the scholarship money is for female students like her.

The person to contact about the scholarship is Jay Endicott at or you may call the seminary at 859-858-3581 and ask for his office.

  • Rachelkoopmans

    I’m doing my M.Th. (Biblical Studies) this year – what a completely fabulous idea and a brilliant way to honour her. I love that her life will continue to be a blessing to others – even those she has never met.
    I understand about the packing away of her possessions…our loved ones are so much bigger than the “stuff” they have accumulated. Prayers for peace xx

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Rachel – a brilliant idea and one that honors your daughter in perpetuity. Thanks for this information.

  • Mba1225

    What a great idea!!! I’m sending Jay Endicott an email now and I urge everyone else to also do it NOW. Don’t put it off to another day. It won’t happen.

  • Ben Thomas

    Ben, I am so sorry to hear about Christy, and my family and I have been praying for your family. The scholarship is a great idea and I pray that it will be a great help to those women who receive it. Thanks for letting us know where to donate. God Bless.

  • Svan4388

    John and I have been deeply saddened by Christy’s death. As a female grad of ATS, support for women in Christy’s name will bless others in the midst of your irreplaceable loss. In Christ’s love and ours. Sallie V.