Ora et Labora— A Work in Progress

  • Dieter

    My I also suggest http://kellerquotes.com/ from February 12/2012

  • http://davidjmorgan.wordpress.com/ David Morgan

    Hi Ben,

    Nice overview but is the passage from Galatians 6 – concerning bearing burdens really about work? If so how? I am used to this being about spiritual acts/attitudes and not physical/office work but I am happy to consider other arguments.

  • http://thedanloweshow.wordpress.com/ Daniel T Lowe

    Are you writing a new book based on this? I’d definitely read that.

  • Benw333

    Daniel the book has been out for a while. It’s entitled Work… published by Eerdmans.

  • Benw333

    Indeed it is about work. It is probably Paul’s take on Jesus saying that we should help those who ask bear a burden and go the extra mile.