What Does the Term Monotheism Mean?

Here’s a link to an important series of interviews about the meaning of Biblical monotheism.  See what you think.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Moore/1515739436 Robert Moore

    Well, I learned a couple of new terms, henotheism and monolotry. Can’t say that the interview shed any useful light on the term “monotheism” that I can use in teaching my Sunday School class, but it DID give me something to ruminate on, especially the author’s understanding of “elohim”.

  • Anonymous

    For a lucid, insightful investigation of oneness of God in Paul–particularly 1 Cor 8:6, Gal 3:20, and Rom 3:30–I heartily recommend:

    Suzanne Nicholson, *Dynamic Oneness: The Significance and Flexibility of Paul’s One-God Language* (Eugene: Pickwick Publications, 2010).

    The monograph is an adaptation of Suzanne’s 2007 doctoral dissertation at Durham University.