Women in Ministry Part One

  • Andrew

    Point taken.

  • Revbetty

    Thank you for this timely lesson!

  • Mba1225

    Great short sermon….can you do follow-up focusing on the ministry roles of women? Junia? Links to Joana?


  • Lilda41

    Thanks so much for this much needed teaching! I would love to see this biblical teaching go out to the congregations, leaders, and pastors of local churches-preferably across denominations. Change is slow it seems. We have much work to do. I appreciate your scholarship.

    Blessings to you.

  • Danny Dawson

    He has done a ‘Part 2′, I can’t remember what it discussed specifically, and is part of a larger effort from Absury Seminary to create pieces like this through seedbed.com. I’m taking a bit of a work break (!!) and can’t re-watch today’s video, but I know in one of the two he lists off a few examples such as Apollos being taught by Priscilla, and others.

  • http://OurRabbiJesus.com/ Lois Tverberg

    Very good talk! Great point about the historical context revealing the new direction of Jesus’ and Paul’s teachings on women. I especially appreciated your thoughts about Jesus’ approval of singleness.