A Guide to Raising Your Hand in Class

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  • Mymail

    Well, it looks like nobody wants to raise their hand. ;)

  • Jflinn50

    My opinion exactly!

  • DMY

    The image didn’t work for me.

  • mlk

    The Comic Frazz has some wonderful kid comments in the classroom. So, the question is…..Does asking a question slow down the lecture or rattle the professor? In Public School, students are graded for classroom participation….not so in seminary?

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.roden Brian Roden


    I know in my classes at the AG Theological Seminary, classroom participation usually counts for 10% of the overall course grade

  • Dan Miller

    I remember so many classes at Asbury where some people apparently felt obligated to ask at least a couple questions every class simply so the professor interacted with them. They felt like it would help their grade, and it just made the entire room waste 3 minutes of their time.