Mirror Image



When the mind is the only mirror

In which you can see her face,

You worry the image will fade

Or time may erase


What’s left of your vibrant girl

What’s left of your old world

What’s left of your hopes and dreams

What’s left of your plans and schemes….


But then it slowly dawns

That her life goes on

And the closer you draw to the Lord

The closer the threefold cord


Between you and Him and her….


You wonder what she’s doing

In the land above,

Is it her happy dance

And the sharing of untamed love?


Free now from disease and decay

However much I experience dis-ease today

Free from sorrow and sadness

However much I lack my usual gladness…


If life is all grace then it’s not about what’s fair

Her 32 years were rich and devil may care

So I thank our Lord for all that time,

And think now how best to spend mine.


The daughter can be mother to the man

And so I reflect on how I am

And  I can best be

A vessel, a mirror of her love and joy and harmony.



March 26 2012



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