Mirror Image



When the mind is the only mirror

In which you can see her face,

You worry the image will fade

Or time may erase


What’s left of your vibrant girl

What’s left of your old world

What’s left of your hopes and dreams

What’s left of your plans and schemes….


But then it slowly dawns

That her life goes on

And the closer you draw to the Lord

The closer the threefold cord


Between you and Him and her….


You wonder what she’s doing

In the land above,

Is it her happy dance

And the sharing of untamed love?


Free now from disease and decay

However much I experience dis-ease today

Free from sorrow and sadness

However much I lack my usual gladness…


If life is all grace then it’s not about what’s fair

Her 32 years were rich and devil may care

So I thank our Lord for all that time,

And think now how best to spend mine.


The daughter can be mother to the man

And so I reflect on how I am

And  I can best be

A vessel, a mirror of her love and joy and harmony.



March 26 2012



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  • Nwheeler

    Thank you for sharing this. Grace and peace to you and your family.

  • Revbetty

    Thoughtful. Poignant. Thank you.

  • Amyleighdurrant

    The loss of my beautiful firstborn, Zafirah Leigh, whilst I was giving birth to her 26th August last year is the most shocking, world-shaking, soul wrenching experience I have had. I loved my daughter for 40 weeks, I got to know her in the latter 5 of those 9 months, the ‘umbilical cord’ between us has not been cut and never will be. But 32 years, each second growing love exponentially, Sir, you are a mighty warrior! Thank you for sharing your most beautiful and vital poem of love and admiration for your daughter.

  • GwenS

    From Esperanza to hand-raising comics to gut-wrenching poetry, theology, the environment and anything between, your blog is my absolute favorite. Like Seattle weather, if you don’t like it, just wait a minute…you will. And I do.
    Thank you for your dedication to scholarship and to faith, and especially during a fresh season of grief.
    God has spoken to me through your writings for years (since my days with UMC in Yakima, WA). So glad you’re on Patheos.

  • Benw333

    Thanks folks for your comments.

  • pastordt

    thank you. this is a never-ending journey and these windows into yours are priceless.