Craig Evans on the Patio Tomb

Here is a link to Craig Evan’s post on Talpiot Tomb B/the Patio Tomb and its contents.

Craig and I had a further exchange and here are more comments from Craig….

“I have gone through my ossuaries/burial sources and there are plenty of “fish-like” urns, amphorae, pillars, etc, most of which represent a nephesh, as Eric Meyers stated at the outset. Even the Jonah/fish theme appears here and there in Jewish ossuaries and burial art, with no reference to Jesus or early Christians.”

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  • john

    Hi Ben,

    Bart Ehrman has written a new book “Did Jesus Exist?” to argued for the existence of Jesus, against those who doubt or deny Jesus’ existence. I hope u be blogging a review of that book too. One detailed review of Ehrman’s book is given here:
    Not sure if Ehrman really did so badly.

  • Ben Witherington

    I sent Bart a complimentary note on this book. He’s getting a lot of grief from angry atheists on his blog……