Tom Wright sings Bob Dylan

  • Michael Fox

    Ah, love that man.

  • Rusty Bullerman

    THis is a side of the Rt Reverend that I never saw coming. Well done!!

  • Mike Holmes

    thanks for sharing this. Just add to the list, wouldn’t mind studying or jamming with Dr. Wright, haha.

  • Patrick

    Nicholas Thomas the British folk musician! He’s fun to hear in person, I attended a function in Nashville recently to hear his views. Now that his Bishop days are over, I think he may become more prolific on new insights.

  • Brad Johnson

    Is he playing a Taylor 410? If so, that’s what I play!

  • ben Witherington

    Hi Brad:

    He’s surely playing someone else’s guitar since he did this in Nashville.


  • Mlkehoe

    I love it. I am thrilled to see one of my authors. Thx!

  • Jesse Reese

    This is a church that I attended for a little while here in Nashville! I saw him the next day at another function, but was unable to make this due to work. Shame that I missed this.

    Tom Wright always has new tricks up his sleeve :)

  • Ed

    what is the name of the song?

  • Ben Witherington

    I believe it’s ‘As the Ship Comes In’

  • Brian Roden

    I knew he played jazz trombone (he has mentioned it in some of his addresses at various events), but had no idea about the guitar.

  • Paul D. Adams

    Dang…makes me want to head to Edinburgh and sign up for a class! Certainly no Tom Morris who use to open his classes with some AC/DC, but he’s got potential. ‘-)

  • Ben Witherington

    Hi Paul: Actually Tom is at St. Andrews like me. And for the record, he’s playing a Martin.