William Rimmer’s Flight and Pursuit

The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston is one of the very finest art museums in the world, and not merely in the U.S. Amongst its many treasures are works by American artists (including American Impressionists) whom we hardly know, or don’t know at all. William Rimmer is one such artist who, while born in England, moved to the U.S. and had a remarkably varied career. He was a doctor, as well as an artist amongst many things he attempted.

I especially love this painting of a man who thinks he is being pursued, but in fact it is a phantom, a figment of his imagination. It leads one to ask, what ghosts are haunting you? What things of beings do you sometimes feel are pursuing you and hot on your tail? Of course famously, C.S. Lewis answered that question with one word—- God. Reflect on this painting for a while and ask yourself– what real or imaginary things or beings prompt the fright and flight instinct in you?

(More posts on that grand museum before long).

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