Gone to Carolina— in the Flesh

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Off on vacation to the good ole Carolina beaches, but I’m leavin you with my main man from Chapel Hill J.T. with his son Ben Taylor. This is from a gig in Raleigh.  I was fortunate enough to live in Chapel Hill when the Taylor family was still around, mostly Livingston and the younger siblings as James had signed with Apple for his first album back in 1967.  But he was in and out of town regularly, and we were fortunately enough to see him regularly sometimes in small venues like Cat’s Cradle, but more often at the Apple Chill Fair and in Carmichael.   By 1970 he was playing mainly songs from his now classic album Sweet Baby James, but those earliest songs on the Apple album like this one were also enduring.

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  • http://aerycksmusic.wordpress.com Eric Sawyer

    May His peace be your rest and His rest be your peace.


  • Michael Fox

    James Taylor is a treasure. I’ve seen him over the course of a lifetime more than twenty times, on two continents. What a blessing for you to witness the maturation of his career from a more intimate perspective. His art, his craftsmanship, is a joy to behold. While other musicians from his era self-destructed, it appears that this man is simply a working man who happens to make music for a living and has allowed the years to carve out character and wisdom. Love the man.

  • scotmcknight

    I was once in an elevator with James Taylor. When we got out on our floor I said to a friend, “Man, that guy looked familiar.” To which he said, “That was James Taylor!” “The Mexico guy?” I replied. Then the stinger, “Yah, but mostly Sweet Baby James!”

  • hollymama

    Hey Ben – several years ago you and I had a conversation about over-population on your blog. You shocked me when you mentioned that you agreed with child-bearing limits, and even a type of “punishment” for people who broke or surpassed those limits.

    I’m wondering if you agree with this, then…since this is the type of “punishment” endorsed by the Chinese government. They’re experts at population control – would you say that we have much to learn from them? It seems they either impose crippling “social burden compensation fees” – $25,000 for having a second child, or, they simply forcefully abort the baby.


    Please do look at the photographic evidence in that report. It is awful and it is devastating.

    Sorry Doctor – but with that statement you negated everything good that you could possibly have ever said theologically.

    I’ve never forgotten what you’ve said (although I see that the archives to that post are no longer available.) I think everyone should know how you really feel about it. Maybe you can do a post on your thoughts on population control and punishment. I am hoping for clarity and a change of heart and mind on your behalf.

  • Ben Witherington

    Hi Holly:

    I certainly never said I endorsed Chinese draconian policies in these matters, so you certainly misunderstood me. What I did say is that in a world full of orphans, Christians have a strong obligation to adopt rather than continuing to add more and more people to an already over-burdened planet, when children are starving everywhere. For example, I suggested that after one has had 1-2 children of one’s own, one then has an absolute obligation to what the Bible says about orphans, to do something about rather than having more children of their own. I still feel that way. I realize there should be exceptions to this rule in some rare cases, but I don’t think any Christian family should think that it is perfectly fine to ignore the plight of orphans while have 8, 10, 12 children of their own, especially when in many cases they are not then able to adequately provide for them, or educate them etc. We have an obligation to be responsible about propagating the species and what limits will allow us to also help the orphans. Blessings Ben W.