Annual Conference Teaching

Here is a link to the two teaching sessions I did at the South Alabama West Florida Annual Conference Sessions in June. Note that you have to first click on this link and then look for the two links to my Bible Studies on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Finding Jesus— Begins Sunday Night at 9 P.M. on CNN
Finding Jesus– Review of Part One
Forward Thinking on ‘Reading Backwards’–The Interview Part Six
Forward Thinking on ‘Reading Backwards’– The Interview Part 4
  • MBA 1225

    Thank you so much for posting links to your teaching sessions such as these! I watched both of these sessions and benefited enormously from them.


  • RickC

    Listened to the first one hour session this afternoon! Must tell ya, I need lessons like that several times a day for the remainder of my life on top of my own personal studies thatvI already do!

  • RickC

    That was a seminary level lecture and without the fees. What a blessing. Maybe I’ll have a bible degree after all. :)

  • Philip Scriber

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