Important Classic Study on the Corpus Paulinum

Here’s is a helpful tip from Larry Hurtado.

Zuntz’s Classic Study Reprinted
by larryhurtado

I confess to having discovered only recently that the classic study by Guenther Zuntz, The Text of the Epistles: A Disquisition Upon the Corpus Paulinum (1946) was reprinted recently (by Wipf & Stock, 2007) in a paperback edition (and so cheaper by far than buying one of the hard-to-get used hardback copies). Zuntz’ book remains the most thorough study of the emergence of a Pauline collection, especially noted for taking account of the material evidence (among which P46 is central). Zuntz’s work also remains instructive in method as well as results. For an appreciative assessment, see the following essay by Michael Holmes:
Michael W. Holmes, “The Text of the Epistles Sixty Years After: An Assessment of Günther Zunz’s Contribution to Text-Critical Methodology and History,” in Transmission and Reception: New Testament Text-Critical and Exegetical Studies, ed. J. W. Childers and D. C. Parker (Piscataway, N.J.: Gorgias Press, 2006), 89-113

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