The American Bible Challenge Show— with Jeff Foxworthy

Finally… you may be saying. A game show for Bible nerds. It’s an idea whose time has come, and tomorrow August 23rd it will debut on the Game Show Network (obviously a channel all thinking Christians will need to now request from their cable networks). And Jeff Foxworthy is the host! I can see the opening monologue now— ‘you might be a redneck Christian if…..’

Here’s a trailer to check out

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  • Tom Schuessler

    So Ben are you saying that Bible game shows and Bible theme parks trivialize the holy word of God, or not? Tom Schuessler Mayville Wi

  • ben Witherington

    Yes of course they trivialize it, but in a Biblically illiterate age I’ll take any public exposure to God’s Word as a plus. BW3

  • Stephen

    I agree, it’s a refreshing idea that I hope succeeds. I wish they would show it on the broadcast stations (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) instead of some of the trash they show now (I’m looking at you Big Brother).

  • Beth Petrie

    I see it as a good thing – I can remember the days when Jeopardy questions regarding the Bible were an “easy” category – no more, though! Maybe a step in the right direction… (and the Redneck jokes might be fun…)

  • Tracy Williams

    To ALL my church family,
    I would like to do a prayer fast. I would love to see this show make it. I am praying that this will infiltrate through the airwaves. One day EVERY one will confess!

  • kathy kirkland

    Go Jeff – I am Jeff’s cousin and we are so proud that his christian up bringing has not left him.This show will encourage people to reopen they’re Bibles to find answers and when doing that they might rekindle thier relationship with God.

  • Arnold

    Its hard to imagine the folks on this show being able to spell ‘bible’. God knows some the folks posting here can’t spell. It’s ‘their’ not ‘they’re! ‘they’re means ‘they are’! Re-read that sentence with that in mind and see how bad it sounds. Then again, never mind, leave it. It paints a perfect picture if what I consider modern day Christians; ignorant, ill informed, bigots. I’m looking at you: poster above me. Jeff would be proud. Jesus good lord how hard is it to teach people grammar and spelling when some people can quote your word book and verse. If they can do that, what can’t they spell? Laziness? Ignorance? Stupidity? Maybe a combination of all three! If that’s it please send a sign by not sending an earthquake to Colorado on Sept 2nd 2012. Thank you Jesus.