Language Games

The English language is confusing enough because it is not a gender inflected language. Worse still, it has various words that can be nouns and verbs or that can be used in entirely different ways with the same spelling. For example,

Be still. I still have a still in the backyard.
Or While I row there’s a row in the third row.
Or Love, I love the love.

So here is your challenge for today—- what English words can you come up with that can mean three different things and be used all three ways in a sentence or two. Are there any English words which can be used four different ways? Inquiring Minds want to know.

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  • Chris

    I took a ‘bat’ and tried to ‘bat’ the ‘bat.
    (Note: and animals were harmed in the formation of this sentence)

    There are also homophones which are loaded with fun.
    There, their, they’re.

  • Chris

    ** should say NO animals…

  • Malcolm Horlock

    A lady about to bear could never bear to bear a bear that far.

  • Waldemar Kowalski

    How about “run”?
    For example, “Anne suffered a run in her nylons while on a run in the (dog) run. Meanwhile, in the ballpark, the organist played a run to celebrate the (home) run.” And so on.

  • Waldemar Kowalski

    Hmm – thought of another: prepend “Continuing a run of misfortune, Anne…”

  • Rob

    How about:
    I will set the chess set on the television set before I set out.

  • David Hull

    The bow-legged archers standing on the bow of the ship fired colorful arrows skyward from their bows as the violinist with a bow in her hair maneuvered her bow across the strings with soulful melody and the whole crowd genuflected before the queen, as it is appropriate to bow in the presence of majesty.

    Love the English language :)

  • beth

    We sat on wooden boards in the board meeting discussing the room and board costs…and I was bored…


  • Steve

    The story of the bear bearing a gift was hard to bear, so please bear this in mind when you bear the burden of teaching others stories about bears bearing gifts.

  • D. Foster

    “Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

    Translation: Buffalo from Buffalo, NY buffalo (i.e. confuse) other buffalo from Buffalo.

  • Chaplain Rich Hoffman

    I will read “We Have Seen His Glory”, a good read that I have read before.

  • Brian Small

    After the sun set, she set the table with a new set of china, while watching a set of tennis on the TV set.

  • ben Witherington

    Brian Small wins the prize!! BW3

  • David Rogers

    As the sniper targeted his shot he longed for another shot of whiskey also remembering the basketball game where Michael Jordan shot the basketball and then stumbled to the bench exhausted exclaiming, “I’m shot.”

  • Charles Cherry

    The elephant used his trunk to open the car’s trunk to retrieve his shipping trunk, and then sat down next to the trunk of a large tree, which just happened to be growing over a telephone trunk line.

  • Brian B.

    The guard continued to watch his watch during the night watch.

  • James Petticrew


    I set up the chess pieces
    I played a set of tennis
    I have the full set of cards
    I watched the badger set
    I set my watch to the right time
    I set out for home
    My actions set a precedent for others
    We set sail
    The court set aside the conviction
    I worked my set hours

  • Brian Small

    Thanks, Ben! What do I win? ;-)

  • ben Witherington

    A lifetime supply of your favorite meals cooked by your Mom :) BW3

  • Piers

    OneOne was a racehorse, TwoTwo was one too. OneOne won one race, TwoTwo won one too.

    Okay, only one word meets the criteria… But still fun. Thanks childhood.