The Basic Boss Quiz

I must confess, while I like Bruce Springsteen, there was a Boss before Springsteen, and his name was Sinatra. Nevertheless, the Asbury Park flash is a good representative sample of classic rock n’ roll, and he has written some fine songs, and even done some fine entire albums (my personal favorites would include the early Born to Run album, and some of his more acoustic stuff, like The Rising). But for you Springsteen fans here is a little quiz (with help from the Rolling Stone mag) to test your Springsteen prowess should you ever need it while appearing on Jeopardy.

1) While he was recording the Born in the USA lp, Bruce was told by producer Jon Landau he needed at least one more hit single for the album to do well. What song did he go home and write, the video for which involved Courtney Cox?

2) Which of the following artists never played with Bruce on stage— Tom Waits, Dylan, Lennon, Axl Rose?

3) In his 1984 Rolling Stone interview, which synth pop group did Bruce admit inspired his acoustic tune— State Trooper? A Flock of Seagulls, Kraftwerk, Soft Cell, Suicide?

4) Which Springsteen album was recorded on a four track cassette mini-studio? Nebraska, the Rising, the Ghost of Tom Joad, or Born in the USA?

5) Which 90s rock band covered ‘the Ghost of Tom Joad?’ Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down?

6) When Bruce Springsteen failed his draft physical what was the reaction of his father? Anger? Sadness? Relief? Joy?

7) In the Glory Days video, which baseball star beats Springsteen in his imaginary game? Mike Schmidt, Reggie Jackson, Dale Murphy, or Graig Nettles?

8)What is Springsteen’s ethnic background? Half Jewish and half Italian, Irish, Half Irish Half Italian, or Italian?

9) Besides little Stevie, who has become the major lead guitarist in the E Street Band? Vai, Satriani, Lofgren, or Jeff Beck?

10) Which 70s punk band was the Springsteen song ‘Hungry Heart’ originally written for? The Clash, the Ramones, Billy Idol, or the Sex Pistols?

Answers will be forthcoming. If you don’t get at least half of these right, you have failed to qualify for Bruce’s fan club.

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