The City by the Bay— the Golden Gate Seminary Lectures

San Francisco is a remarkable place in many ways. The weather is usually clement, and when I was there in September it was beautifully sunny and in the 70s and the flowers were gorgeous. Not to mention my hotel was a short walk from the Ferrari dealership, and next to a beautiful bay. My host Dr. John Shouse and his colleagues were wonderful and took me to the San Fran Symphony where we saw Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony and Shostakovich’s massive 11th Symphony. A good time was had by all. I will be posting my lectures here in a couple of subsequent posts, but here I want to make clear that the Baptists are alive and well in San Francisco. Golden Gate Seminary has a dynamic leader Dr. Iorg who also doubles as the chaplain for the San Francisco Giants (he showed me his 2010 World Series Ring!! I can only say wow). They have a good hard working congenial faculty. And they are absolutely dedicated to prompting the Gospel. It was refreshing to be with these brothers and sisters.

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  • greg huguley

    thanks for the photos from SF. I went to GGBTS back in the late 80′s/early 90′s; (back when Dr. Shouse was teaching “preaching”); one of the best experiences of my life and truly Southern Baptists’ best (though least known) seminary. And a shout-out to retired theology prof. Dr. Stan Nelson–the best theology prof I ever had. blessings.

  • Laurie Schlaepfer

    Dr. Witherington, You picked the perfect days to be in San Francisco! After two years we are finally getting a true Indian summer. Had we known you were “in town” we would have had you down to Twin Lakes Church in Aptos (Santa Cruz) again. Ralph Winter (X-men producer) was our guest this past weekend. With your love of movies and his love of theology, you would have hit it off!