A Hobbit Second Breakfast for You— at Denny’s

O.K. so you are looking for a chance to get into the spirit of the coming Hobbit movie, imbibe the very essence of it, consume the substance of it….. without of course actually reading the book. Well American Tolkien fans there is now something you can do (and as a double bonus fulfill the Isaianic commandment to ‘delight thyself in fatness…’). You can go to Dennys!!! I give you the latest news sent to me from Hobbiton….

“We know them for their Grand slam breakfast and other breakfast specials, but can you believe that Denny’s has unveiled their official Hobbit menu?

It’s true. In a couple weeks, Denny’s will be unleashing their new Hobbit menu. During the holiday season, Denny’s will offer a full Hobbit themed variety, spread between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant has partnered with The Hobbit to promote the big anticipated release on December 14th. The established meals are as followed:

Pumpkin Patch Pancakes

Hobbit Hole Breakfast (Seen Above)

Shire Sausage Skillet

The Ring Burger

Gandalf’s Gobble Melt

Dwarves’ Turkey and Dressing Dinner

Lonely Mountain Treasure

Radagst’s Red Velvet Pancake Puppies

Bilbo’s Berry Smoothie

Lone-Lands Campfire Cookie Milkshake

All of these specialized dishes go on sales at Denny’s starting November 6th. Those wishing to have a pre-Hobbit experience, hit up the Ret Velvet Pancake Puppies. They look amazing! Make sure to share pictures with us when you go.”

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