Edinburgh Conference on St. Pete

Edinburgh Conference on the Apostle Peter, July 2013

by larryhurtado

The Centre for the Study of Christian Origins (CSCO, University of Edinburgh) announces a conference focused on the Apostle Peter to be held in New College Edinburgh 4-6 July 2013. The conference will feature invited presentations by Timothy Barnes, Markus Bockmuehl, Sean Freyne, Peter Lampe, Tobias Nicklas, Margaret Williams, and myself. Here is the conference flyer.

Within the next week or so, we aim to have online registration/payment set up. For more information, including offering short-papers, here is the email contact: divinity.csco@ed.ac.uk.

This and other events sponsored by CSCO and announced and described on the CSCO blog-site: http://christianorigins.co.uk/

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