You are Invited!! The Introduction to the NT

O.K. all you buyers of socio-rhetorical commentaries who have been hounding me to produce an Introduction to the NT that is a companion volume to those commentaries and introduces the whole NT in that manner….. you need look no further. By the end of this month or sooner Oxford U. Press will be publishing my socio-rhetorical Intro to the whole NT. It is already up and available for pre-order on Amazon. Note to all ya’ll– because this is going to be a textbook for college and entry level seminary students, do not expect a Kindle edition. It doesn’t work that way, at least with Oxford. But there are lots of wonderful color pics in this Intro, maps, charts, anecdotes from the first century world, you name. It’s one stop shopping for all things socio-rhetorical. Have at it…. and let me know what you think !! BW3

  • Mark Stevens

    Ben I noticed that Amazon doesn’t yet have a look inside option. Is there any chance you could post a chapter list? Maybe even an exert from the intro? :)

  • Richard Heyduck

    Sure sounds like a good idea!

  • Dave

    Too bad there is no Kindle edition. I’m not sure what “textbook for college and entry level seminary students” has to do with a book’s viability as a Kindle edition, but oh well.

    For what its worth, I find it much handier when doing research to have all of the relevant material on my Kindle. It is much easier to carry around, and it is searchable.

  • Ben Witherington

    From Oxford’s viewpoint it has to do with electronic theft. BW3

  • Ty B.

    Would this book ever be published by Logos?

  • Ben Witherington

    Don’t think so. Oxford is very proprietarial about such things. BW3

  • Rev. Bryant J. Williams III

    Dear Ben,

    Does your Intro interact with certain canonicity issues especially Dr. Michael J. Kruger’s latest book?, Canonical Theology?, etc.

  • Ben Witherington

    Nope. Don’t even know Dr. Kruger. BW3