Andrew Lincoln on the Spiritual Gospel— John’s

Andrew Lincoln was one of the best NT teachers I ever had at Gordon-Conwell Seminary between 1974-77. I am presenting here a series of his reflections on John.

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  • Marc

    Andrew Lincoln’s commentary on John was well written and a pleasure to read. He labors to show that John’s signs and narratives echo synoptic Gospel sayings and scenes, with varying degrees of success in my opinion.

    By the way, my friend Craig and I hope to see you at SBl this weekend. God bless.

  • Tom Schuessler

    Ben: Some of the people who read and comment on your blog, like me, don’t know a lot and have not been to seminary. I know that you don’t like hyperbolic comments, but we are like sponges when we hear someone like Prof. Lincoln, and look forward to more.
    Tom Schuessler Mayville, WI

  • Mlkehoe

    Thanks for this….more of tHis guy please!

  • Max

    Ben, do you take Lincoln’s view on the letter to the Ephesians being pseudonymous?

  • Ben Witherington

    Hi Max:

    If you read my Ephesians commentary you will see I do not share Lincoln’s view. BW3