Blessing of the Day— the Westminster Choir sings “O Love that Will not Let me Go’

  • Mary Liz

    Your videos aren’t functioning on my computers any more: pc or iPad.
    This song reminds me of Bishop Goodson, one of my favorite Bishops of all time. What a preacher!

  • RL

    This was perfect.

  • RL

    Then, of course, I had to listen to Sure On This Shining (it’s after “O Love” in the YouTube window). Stunning. While I was watching, I glanced at my muted television while PBS was scrolling the photos, homes, and ages of our servicemen killed this month overseas. It was chilling. And very peaceful.

    Great work, choir.

  • Thorn

    It gave me chills. Beautiful.

  • Martin Krick`

    Speechless!!!!!!!!!! I’ve never heard such beautiful harmony. Does the choir record? If so please tell me how I could obtain a cd. Thanks.