Life’s Too Short—-My 61rst Birthday

  • http://TheBibleandCulture Marie Allen

    Thanks Dr. Ben for another year of great postings on the Bible and Culture website! I read your blog every day and often, often, forward postings to other people as well.

    Thanks for the time, insight, scholarship and humor you bring to this resource.

    You, and this blog, are truly a blessing! I’m looking forward to the postings that are coming in 2013!


  • Merv Olsen

    Happy Birthday, Dr Ben.
    I have been collecting ands aving your posts for just over a year now. I love the variety of articles you present. Your genuine humanness is such a rare delight to find these days alongside your brilliant and Christ-honouring scholarship. I have appreciated your videosand I thoroughly enjoy your poems, too!
    I am always encouraged by your transparency, honesty, graciousness and compassion. Your series on grieving your beloved Christie were so insightful and helpful. I’m sure I’ll be passing these on to others.
    Though I’ll never have the opportunity to hear or meet you in the flesh (unless you visit Brisbane, Australia) I surre will look forward to meeting you in the glory one day.

    P.S. I am a 66 year-old retired Baptist Pastor.

  • DDF

    What Marie said!

  • steve harper

    Hello, Ben!

    Happy birthday to you, dear friend. If I’ve done the math right, Jeannie and I have known you more than half of your life!!! We”re the better for it.

    Blessings! Steve

  • Betty Johnson

    Yes, thank you Dr. Witherington for sharing your life with us through your blog. Amen to everything Marie said. Before I get out of bed each morning, I have devotions and read your blog. Thank you for teaching a balance between strong scholarship and wise, heartfelt living. Happy birthday!

  • Oscar

    Congrats on making it this far Ben! I’m just a few months ahead of you so I can say that we are on parallel life journeys. Time, indeed, is much too short, and getting shorter with each passing day! We can no longer blithely take for granted each passing hour, nor can we just shift into cruise control without thinking. Friends become more dear, the pleasures of life become less mundane, and each morning we rise becomes a special blessing. And one of MY blessings is reading your blog each morning. On the bible your expertise is peerless, on politics your opinions can be challenging, and on entertainment your views can be enlightening. So keep it up, as long as your mind allows.

    On getting older I look to my mother for a predictor of longevity. She is 82 years old and still going strong and I tell her that she has to reach 90 before she goes. At that time I believe that I’ll be able to make it as far as she, God willing. Her mind is sharp and she is still nor afraid to engage the world around her.

    Ben, I wish for you more years than your parents, and a mind that refuses to bow to ossification, even though it may lead you into paths your youth may never have imagined. Happy Birthday!

  • Dan


    Thanks for the Blog. I am having diffuclty understanding how an ancient book like the Bible can have any meaning for people today. Do you have any books that you would recomend to me that would change my mind otherwise?
    Sincerely n God Bless,

  • ben w

    dan i suggest you read my new invitation to the nt.

  • Eric John Sawyer

    Happy Birthday, Ben!

  • Diana Trautwein

    Happy Birthday, Ben. Thanks for all the fine reading this past year. Looking forward to more in 2013.

  • David Booth

    Happy Birthday and thank you so much for sharing your life, thought and love The Lord. May the Father’s love enfold you as you bare witness Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit. Your books were central to my understanding of, the NT and challenged my assumptions on Calvinism and so called ‘complementarianism’ – along with Roger Olson and Philip Payne – I now hold with a good conscience an Arminian/egalitarian outlook. Thank you.