Fools— Daryl Hall and Diane Birch

  • Mike Gantt

    Does Christ have so many promoters and Daryl Hall so few that you feel the need to promote Daryl?

    To put it another way, since the title of your blog is “The Bible and Culture: A One-Stop Shop for all things Biblical and Christian,” please help us to see what is Biblical and Christian in LFDH videos.

  • Ben Witherington

    That’s easy Mike. Music is a gift from God, especially music that is done well in terms of harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, song writing. And actually, Daryl Hall has far fewer promoters than Jesus, even just in America. The point of having a blog like Bible and Culture is to make clear, among other things, that God works outside the context of the church and his people in ways that bring joy, and hope, and light to the darkness. Music is one of the ways God does that. BW3

  • Mike Gantt

    Regardless of differing promoter counts, it is easier for me to see Daryl’s values reflected in current American culture than those of Jesus.