A Heavenly Tale

A famous atheistic philosopher died and was sent directly to the assize, the last judgment. To his astonishment he appeared before his august divine Judge, and was asked one simple question—

“What excuse do you have for not believing in me???”

In a small quavering voice he replied “But Lord, you did not provide enough evidence!”

There was a dramatic pause…. and then the Almighty replied…

“Didn’t you see the black and white billboard on the highway near your house which read:

“God is dead.”—- Nietzsche

“Below it in larger print it read:

“Nietzche is dead.”—– God.

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  • Will

    Wow, scary stuff. Better hope YOU picked the right book of ancient stories to follow, or else a different magic invisible man (or men, or MAYBE EVEN LADIES) might ask YOU questions after you’ve died, or something. DUN DUN DUN.

    Am I doing this right? Are you ready to convert to whatever I think about stuff I have no evidence for and can’t demonstrate in any way? I can throw in some stuff about resurrections and talking snakes if it makes it more believable.

  • Frank

    Hi Will. Interesting post. You sound a little sensitive for someone who doesn’t believe all this God stuff. Your childish response aside it might be helpful to acquire a sense of humor.