High Above the Theater in Ephesus– Teaching at the Cave of Paul and Thecla

Thanks to my friend Cenk from Tutku Tours for the picture!

  • https://theway21stcentury.wordpress.com/ unkleE

    You look remarkably thin there!!!

  • beth

    I cant wait! I’m going to be there next month!!

  • Dieter Schulze

    Are you planing on leading a trip to Turkey in the future

  • Ben Witherington

    Hi Dieter: You may contact Levent Oral at info@tutkutours.com. I am leading a tour of Turkey and Israel in May 2014. Ben W.

  • Dieter Schulze

    Thank you it has been my dream to visit the churches for many years. I will certainly contact tutkutours and am looking forward to hearing you, not just reading you.