The Premonition— God’s Early Warning System

All day my wife had had this sense of dread, a sense that something had gone terribly wrong. The dread had a focus— our daughter Christy, whom we had not heard from for a couple of days. Then came the phone call late at night that no parent ever wants. Christy was dead and gone, felled by an unexpected pulmonary embolism. The thing is, that Ann had carried around the strong sense that it had already happened before it was confirmed.

Then there was the story my old English prof Chris Armitage told me about the dream he had, a dream of his very elderly mother falling and falling. He called back home to the U.K. His mother had just passed away.

These are only two brief stories about premonitions or harbingers. I could recount episodes in my life where I saw something vividly in a dream, and then when it actually happened, sometimes long after the dream there was this very strange sense of deja vu, of I’ve already seen this before.

From a Christian point of view, there are some things to be said about all of this. It reflects clearly enough, since there are hundreds of thousands of stories through the ages like the ones I just told, that SOMEONE knows in advance what is going to happen, and that same SOMEONE sometimes conveys knowledge of this information to persons who have a direct stake in or deep investment in the matter.

I remember well what my friend Tom Wright said to me when I mentioned to him about Ann’s premonition. His immediate response was that we should take comfort in that. I pondered why he said that for a long time. I suppose he was pointing me to the sovereignty of God like a good Reformed Evangelical Anglican should, but what I actually took away from it was that God was seeking to prepare Ann, prepare us both, soften the blow if you will, for the tragedy that was about to unfold. And this led to another thought.

Are premonitions really so different from true prophecies? Think for an instant about what Simeon said to Jesus’ mother— ‘and a sword will pierce your heart as well’, and this only a short time after Jesus was born! What did she make of this very early warning when by rights she should have been celebrating the birth of a first born son? What does it mean that she treasured or pondered this in her heart, reflecting on its meaning?

I would love to hear some of your stories about premonitions or harbingers. I think there is much to learn about God and life from such occurrences. For me, it tells me that God knows all in advance and cares about his people and their suffering. What it does not tell me is that God has rigged everything in advance, or engineered it in some way, unless by that you mean that ‘God works all things together for good for those who love Him…” which I certainly believe.

But God even knows our sin in advance, and he certainly has not willed or pre-programmed that. God is not the author of sin or evil in any way, shape, or fashion. So, we have to live with a certain amount of mystery when it comes to understanding premonitions. They warn us that something is going to happen. They do not reveal the agency by which that happens, or what or whom makes it certain that it will happen. That, is a discussion for another day.

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  • Michael Fox

    Thank you, Professor Witherington, for the courage of a most vulnerable and insightful post. The examples are numerous, but one time I can share is from three decades gone by. I, living in Louisiana, had a dream that my mother, living in California, passed out. I remember the dream vividly, for in a scene that could have been pulled from Hitchcock’s Vertigo, I saw my mother go down against a background of dark red brick. Upon awakening, I called my parents and shared the dream with them. At first they denied anything had happened, not wanting to worry me. But they called back a few minutes later to say that on the day before my dream, they indeed had to leave a shopping center in Glendale, CA–a beautiful showplace of an indoor mall with a rich background of red brick. My mother had felt weak and feared she would collapse. The curious thing about this dream is that it happened after the fact. In my case, I’ve wondered–in addition to your insight about God softening the blow–if the empathy of two hearts can reach across the miles. It was a remarkable experience.

  • anton

    Hi Ben,
    when I was in high school sitting on some bleachers watching a basketball game, a girl in the school, who I knew by name only, was walking by. I heard a voice say to me that “someday she will be my wife”. I thought nothing of it at the time. about 15 years later a friend and I attended a singles dance in a another city where I saw this attractive lady walk in. I went over and asked her for a dance. we started talking and then I found out she was the same girl I saw in high school! the probability of meeting someone you barely knew 15 years ago at a dance in another city must be about zero. so I concluded that it was the hand of God that brought us together. we have been married for 36 yeas now.

  • Tom Schuessler

    Katy’s dad who had had heart issues but who was fine as far as we knew sat down at the dining room table one night and was writing away. I said, “Don, what are you doing?”
    He said, “I’m writing my obituary.” A week l later he was dead.
    Yes, I agree with Tom. This did help us to deal with it all.

  • mba1225

    I don’t know whether this incident was a premonition, a harbinger, or a prophecy. My sister-in-law was struggling with depression exacerbated by her teenage son’s rebellion over several years time and psychiatric hospitalization. I went to her house to pray with her and the Lord seemed to lay on my heart this prophecy, which I delivered to her. Her son would have recovered and put all of these troubles behind him within five years time, but she would no longer be alive to enjoy it unless she changed her ways now. Unfortunately, she continued to sink into depression, rejecting medication and other helps, and committed suicide. Now, five years later, her son is doing well, against all the expectations of his doctors. I felt the Lord’s tenderness toward her in this experience–trying to interject hope into the black hopelessness of depression.

  • James Mace

    Saharan Breakdown Premonition. I awoke before sunrise to see the crystal black, diamond-starred field overhead. The first thing in my mind was a strong premonition, “We are going to break down today.” Perhaps this event was spiritually related to the fact I had only recently accomplished a life-altering pilgrimage, as a non-Christian but open spiritual seeker, to Assekrem, hermitage of the saintly Père Charles de Foucauld (cf., slain by international Jihadists. After about an hour of breaking camp, eating, and loading up in the Bedford troop carrier, still with this communication in mind, I took off driving south from the dangerous wasteland of southern Algeria towards the border with Niger.

    All the time driving that morning, with no other vehicles likely to be in sight, I considered what to do when the truck broke down. I was in excellent shape due to my preparations for the upcoming ascent of Kilimanjaro, and I thought I should perhaps take the water and make for the Niger border after the breakdown. After an hour and a half, the sense of impending breakdown became so strong that I rose and started looking down between the cab and the rear section; after 15 seconds, “BLAM” and a cloud of gas as the head gasket blew. I turned to my comrades and solemnly declared, “I KNEW that was going to happen.” So there I was, 30 km from the border and water, surrounded by certain sandy death. But that is another story.

  • http://patheos david gibbs

    Thius is a hard saying for me: premonitions as God’s early warning systems. I await you further developing this matter. I must confess that i have always been more than a little weary about such claims. Many Christians try to present such into a full-fledge, “Thus-says-the-Lord” prophecy. And another thing, are all premonitions negative? Isn’t there very often naturalistic explanations for such premonitions?

  • Ben Witherington

    David I don’t think the many thousands of recorded premonitions will submit to naturalistic explanations like ‘a projection of someone’s worst fears’, though some can be accounted for that way. Of course you are right that not all foreshadowings are warnings about some future negative outcome. There is a difference of course between a prophecy and a premonition or inkling about the future though the outcome may be the same. BW3

  • Ben Black

    16 weeks ago I had a friend of mine who I hadn’t spoken or communicated with in several years text me out of the blue that he had had a dream that my wife was pregnant with a little girl. The day before my wife and I had just discovered that she was pregnant- we hadn’t even told our parents yet. Last week we found out we’re having a girl. Still not sure what I make of all of this but they are pretty amazing coincidences.

  • Chaplain Rich Hoffman

    I hesitate to call premonitions “prophecy” because prophecy is not simply foretelling, but “forth-telling” God’s call to righteousness. Premonitions, however, could be the gift of knowledge (1 Cor. 12:8).

    Within an hour of my father dying in 1994, my two best friends (one from seminary, the other a CPE peer) called me. They both said that they were prompted to call me, sensing that something important was happening within me. Their calls were needed sources of grief support. Most certainly gifts from the Lord.

  • Pamela

    thank you so much for sharing….. I too had a daughter die (at 30 years old) just 18 months ago. Two months prior to her passing God clearly told me she would die. It was surreal. It was a genuine conversation… and I argued and cried… but ultimately acquiesced. I can remember the moment like yesterday. When she passed, I was fully prepared. I was not surprised nor taken off guard. It brought great peace in a strange way. Did God take her? No. Why did it happen? Dont know. What I am fully assured of is His goodness. I can presume upon that in all things. He was caring for me as He prepared me for her death. It was a beautiful thing. Not many understand it and there are many who would tell you that God does not do that. I know that God does not operate in fear. Pain was present but fear was absent and peace assuaged my grief. I felt as though I was brought into the story. I am grateful and see it as His goodness.

  • Lori Broschat

    I was attending our annual conference a few years ago with a horrible sense of dread concerning my daughter. It was making me very emotional and so as soon as we had a break I went to call my daughter, who was living in England. I started the conversation with “What’s wrong?” She said that she had missed the deadline to extend her visa and either needed a certified copy of her marriage license or she would be deported. I quickly notified the courthouse of the county where she was married and asked them to send a copy. This wasn’t life or death, obviously, but it was so strong that I could hardly concentrate for the rest of the day.

  • Gwen S

    There was a woman to whom I had spoken on a couple of occasions at city-wide church events. We had a “heart” connection but only a casual acquaintance. One morning I felt a strong call to prayer for her, during which I sensed/saw/became aware of–not sure how to describe it–a steel hand gripping the back of her husbands neck, about which I prayed in the way that seemed right at the time. Later that morning I followed an urge to call her with encouragement that God had led me to pray for them that morning. She was moved deeply and shared that her husband had come home late the night before from perhaps the most difficult closed-door meeting of his career. It was indeed affirmation of God’s love for them, and a great boost to my growing awareness of God’s activity in everyday life. My own husband has several stories in kind, feeling an impulse toward a thing and discovering its validity hours or days later. Fascinating, comforting. His eye IS on the sparrow. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Esteban Bowers

    Greetings from South America! I woke up in the middle of the night a number of years ago and felt impressed to pray for some fellow colleagues. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t. I continued praying. The next morning I embarked on trying to contact my colleagues Mark & Karen. I finally made contact with Mark and found out that Karen was “defending” her PhD. dissertation at Baylor University.

    I must say that these kinds of happenings are pretty common among indigenous or tribal peoples in South America.

  • Jennifer

    Thank you for this post. I have several stories that fit this description. I will eagerly ready any further thoughts you have on the subject…..

  • lha

    When I was 17 my great aunt and I were sitting in my family’s apartment on the tenth floor. Mom and Dad were playing golf in the adjacent course. I heard thunder and immediately knew that my father had been hit by lightning. I couldn’t sit still. I told my aunt what had happened. I could not focus at all and about 20 minutes later there was a knock on the door. A neighbor said, “I’ve got some bad news.” I said, “Dad’s been hit by lightning.” She said, “I’m afraid so.”
    He indeed had been struck at that first clap of thunder. It had not rained. I knew it was Dad and not Mom. The world is a strange place.

  • James Mace

    BTW, it occurs to me in re to my “Saharan Breakdown Premonition” above, that when I did finally make my way to the Niger border 9 hours later to get water to take back and rescue my comrades, I heard on BBC World Service radio that Pope John Paul I, whose 33-day reign is among the shortest in papal history, had died during the night and was discovered shortly before dawn, right when I had my waking premonition.

    I wonder if that has anything to do with it or is just a curious coincidence? Perhaps there could be at times of significant spiritual happenings a sort of Celtic nearness between heaven and earth? I don’t know; just thought I’d mention it.

  • Josh LymaN

    Of course, it is easy to ignore the feelings that something horrible is going to happen when nothing bad follows. Confirmation bias is a real thing.

  • laura

    When I was in the 5th grade I visited a friend and while washing my hands in the upstairs bathroom I “imagined” that the floor below collapsed. I ran out of the bathroom just in time to hear screams from her mom and father below when the ceiling collapsed and spread water all over the kitchen. It wasn’t the only time I had a premonition, but it was the most significant one. I always tried to squelch those thoughts after that…

  • Diana Trautwein

    I had two strange experiences with deaths of persons close to me. One was a parishioner whom I loved and who was very near to death when I left him in the afternoon. I was distraught at his suffering and remember begging the Lord to allow him to die. That night, I sat bolt upright in bed. My husband asked what was wrong and I said, “Tim was just here, in my dream and he was smiling.” 10 minutes later, my cell phone rang and the hospice nurse told me that he had died 10 minutes before. Then I dreamed a strange dream in which my brother was not clearly visible as a character, not recognizable to me until after the event that happened the next morning. He was behind me on a ladder, frightened and struggling to get either up or down. I came down, he did not. The phone rang before 7:00 a.m. to tell me that he died during the night. The first episode was comforting; the second was not.

  • Matt Thornton

    Agree with others here that confirmation bias is key to understanding premonition. We remember the hits (and the very near misses) far more vividly than anything else. Lots of good research on this topic. Daniel Khaneman’s book “Thinking Fast and Slow” is a great summary of some of it.

    Another thing to consider is that human brains run on patterns. People are amazingly good at recognizing patterns around them, and in particular, good at recognizing breaks from established patterns. Think about recognizing someone’s face in a crowd, or decoding a couple of words on a web site login page, or noticing that a person is sad. Many of us would be very hard pressed to consciously articulate how we understand patterns like these, but like art, we know them when we see them.

    This leads me to wonder if premonition is a way for our minds to make sense of the deeper patterns around us that we can perceive but can’t articulate well. The future isn’t fully determined determined by the present, but the seeds are certainly there, and perhaps some (much?) premonition is a result of these benthic patterns coming to the surface.

    Not suggesting that all premonition experiences can be reduced this way, but seems like a useful set of questions in sorting wheat from chaff.


  • rumitoid

    I have had two NDEs, one at seven and the other at eighteen. In the first I experienced this exuberant welcome from God, as if I were his long lost child. In the second it was total bliss. I credit these, for some reason, with having a highly intuitive nature. I have “little hits” on average about three times a day. Example: my attention gets fixated on this store I have passed hundreds on times. As this “odd fixation” has happened since I was six, I knew there was some significance. That night a friend told me that store offered the best auto insurance he had found; I told others and all switched. Minor, not life-saving or life-changing. The why? gets me.

    Bigger hit (and some bio) example: I am nine months sober and going somewhat crazy. On my way to the couch to do my daily regimen of working the crossword puzzle, I stop, look up at the ceiling, and ask God with all my heart, “What do you want me to do? Where do you want me to go?” Part of me truly expected the ceiling to part and God the Father himself offer some solid advice. I must have stood there looking up for ten minutes. Just as I put my head down and started for the couch, I heard “58 down” quite distinctly. I checked the crossword: “NM art comm.” Four letters. “Taos.” My younger brother lived there. Just last week he said there was no room. I called anyway. No sooner had I said who I was he started telling me that his wife had left that morning with his step-son, not his fault but felt compelled to spend some time at the ashram. She could not explain it. There was now room…and I have lived there for almost thirty years, coming back to Christ in that community. I probably have had “hits” like this a few hundred times over five decades.

    Biggest hits example: I am living in a rural area just north of Taos, nothing but acres of plowed framland all around, driving down a dirt road that is some 300 yards to the main road into town. It is 6am. A voice, as if coming from someone sitting in the passenger seat, says firmly but calmly, “Slow down.” This voice has spoken maybe a half dozen times before (such as in the above paragraph) but this time I think I must be hearing things. I have a perfect field of vision; it is 6am; I am only going 25: what could happen. The voice repeated itself. I decided to slow and as I did I envisioned a big red truck right in front of me, with a vanity plate that red TMT. From behind a barn to my right, a big red truck comes racing toward me. My finger just fit between our bumpers. Thomas Michael Tafio apologized.

    So many stories you would quickly stop believing me. I feel certain that Satan cannot know the future but is this from God? I question because I have not been a very good man most of my life and most often the premonitions are so trivial.

  • Liz

    I have felt the need lately to share with others the premonition dream I had the night before my 20 year old son was killed on his bicycle, The dream wasn’t an emotional one, because I didn’t know who it was about.. in hindsight it was a message to prepare me, but at the time it felt ‘transporting’ and I thought it was symbolic about leaving my job, which I was about to do. In the dream I was in the classroom I work in, and a presence behind my right shoulder told me I had to carry out a dead young man. I picked him up, and had no idea who it was.. he was just dark grey all over. The presence told me to carry him through to the main entrance and out through the car park, which I normally don’t walk through, to the main gate, and to put him in the recycling bin there because the police were coming. I knew I hadn’t killed him, but I felt bad the police were coming and about putting him in the bin. The presence said, you will feel bad, but to make yourself feel better, put in the packet of half eaten almonds you (in reality) hadn’t wanted to throw away last week.. but had to because it had past the date on it. Then, when the police were about to get there, I was brought out of my dream by music that had played at my God daughter’s concert during that week.. ‘Looking across the ocean, looking across the sea, what do I see there? what do I see? I can see a new world out there looking at me’. This played in my head louder and louder until I was totally awake. This was why it all felt transporting. I shared the dream with 4 others in the morning.
    That day I was in my classroom after school, when I was called to the office. Two policemen were there telling me Tom had been in an accident. They didn’t say he had been killed, but just took me to the hospital. They walked me through the car park, to their car, which was parked at the main gate, next to the recycling bin.
    I didn’t think about the dream until the following day. It became a buffer. It prepared me in hindsight.. it says to me that God knows what will happen, and he cares and helps us. Most importantly it says there’s a reality that exists beyond time.. and that is where Tom lives on. Tom, who was an animation student, also did his last animation project about a man/boy on a unicycle going on a ramp.. a weight dropped on the other end and sent him up.. that was the end of his animation, he didn’t fall back down.
    Many other things happened before and after his death, that keep me believing that this was going to happen, it was known, and I pray with all my heart, that Tom lives on. Thank you for this site and the chance to talk about it.

  • Liz

    Dear Dr. Witherington,
    I have just posted to your website about my son’s death last year, but I separately just want to say how sorry I am that you have lost your daughter, and to thank you for this website. Although we have many very supportive friends, it is often hard to share the very real ways in which God has supported us, and shown that Life goes on. To many it is down to coincidence.. to me it is more real than this very fragile world.
    Best wishes and thanks

  • Anne

    Hello everyone!3 years ago I saw a guy in my dream with a bubbling personality. I instantly thought that this guy was smiling at me as if I was his mother. 3 years later I become pregnant and I was sure that I was pregnant of “that guy” to the point that I had made an accurate description of the baby’s face and sex. I was 100% correct!!!! I also saw other 2 faces and immediately knew they were my children. I noticed that 2 of these children had quite fair skin and had a prominent nose and mouth compared to my first one (I’m Caucasian, his dad is Indian). After giving birth my ex partner left me and I started a nice friendship with a guy who has got the same face (prominent nose and mouth) and complexion of the other 2 children I saw. After one year from my first child I dream this guy marrying me and at first I thought it was only a desire I had but the I soon realised that the dream was too accurate. In fact, in the dream, the guy was putting a ring on my right hand and in my culture we don’t wear wedding rings on our right hand. Well, I later found out that Jewish people do it and this guy is Jewish. I had other 2 dreams about a girl who’s exactly like him…I don’t know what to say anymore!!!

  • Robert Adam

    I have been searching for a site to ask a question, and I do not know if this is the correct one, but please forgive me I need to ask. I am worrying about my mental health. I have a lot of problems recently, mostly financial, no ones fault but my own, so I am not seeking forgiveness or anything. BUT in recent weeks, and this sounds crazy, I have been getting advanced ” warning” via feelings of dread, and fear that something new was going to happen something new and upsetting. Something I did not already know or even suspect, but EVERY time, in 24 hours or less, sure as fate, there it is an new problem. Now please understand how difficult this is for me to say, I do not believe in psychics or mediums or whatever, and I am not looking for anyone to solve my problems, but SOMETHING is telling me in advance that I have something on the way? AM I going mad? Would God have a reason to give me advance notice as a way of preparing? The feeling, the fear when it happens is SO powerful, so positive, I cannot ignore it. Can anyone explain? I believe in God totally, but I am not a good Christian and not even a good person, but please help if you can offer an answer. Thank you. Robert.

  • Stacy

    I’ve been having ‘End of the World’ dreams for a couple of years now. I wrote them down because I was compelled to. I just knew these dreams were different and I should record them when they happened. I still remember hearing the screams of these people running from the lava that oozed from the earth. It was everywhere. There was no escape. I remember seeing mothers clutching their children and screaming, “Oh, God, help me!! Please save me!! God!!” The would scream and lift their arms in the air. Some were saved. But many were consumed. That was just one dream. I’ve had more throughout the two years.

    My mom has these things about her, too. Except they come to her while she is awake. I like a certain guy. I think he is honest and a great guy. We don’t know each other on a personal level. I do feel strongly about him. I was visiting my parents and we got to talking about him. Out of the blue, she said, “He may be the one you’re going to marry.” My stomach bottomed out. But, I just said, “Yeah, right.” She said, “You never know about anything. It’s possible.” You see, I didn’t say anything about what I thought of him or that I liked him. I want to chalk it up to being a coincidence. But, then again, I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe in God and think everything happens for a reason. I still want to downplay it but it did affect me when she said it. I got a chill in my belly.
    The thing is, he doesn’t know me personally. But, like I said, my mom has a way about her. She doesn’t say anything unless it has meaning.

    I still can’t get my hopes up. This man is beautiful and I’m just me.

  • Stacy

    I had this problem many years ago. I had a heaviness in my heart. A ‘doomed’ feeling was all around me. I knew it was God calling me to Him. I was scared and I ran. But, the voice, “Give your heart to me” never stopped. I drank every day to drown it out. It didn’t work.

    God is speaking to you. He just doesn’t want you to die. He loves you too much to see you this way. When I became a Christian, all that darkness and foreboding went away and I felt such a sense of peace. I haven’t always been the best Christian. I’ve fallen many times but He sometimes catches me or he lets me fall but softens the blow. I thought later, “Why do we run from the one who loves us the most?” I know it seems hard. But, it is just that easy. We humans love to make things more complex than they really are.

    He will never leave you. He loves you and if you give your heart to Him and follow Him, things will get better. I promise. Don’t run. Believe me, it makes the suffering worse. I’m just grateful He didn’t ignore me like I’ve ignored Him in the past. No human would show us that kind of love. Ever.
    No matter what you’ve done, He will forgive you and wipe away all sin from His book. You will be made new. I’m not saying you will be perfect. We never will until we get to Heaven. Just give Him your heart. He asks for nothing more.

  • samantha

    I’m looking for someone to help me understand all my premonitions every one that has happen has come true I have had loved ones that have died come to me in my dreams to warn other people about something tragic that will happen and it always happens I know when someone will pass away it’s just weird that I have that ability to both side heaven and earth. it all started when i was 17.12 years ago when i was in a bad car accident i drowned went to heaven but god sent me back he told me my time on earth wasn’t over that i still had work and msg to deliver on earth he sent me back but when I got back into my body I felt like a whole new person not my old self.he also sent me back with the ability of many things seeing and talking to the dead is one. I’m just trying to find someone who could help me understand all my dream decode them and understand more about the other stuff as well, it would be great to meet and talk to other people with the same ability’s as myself. maybe people think i’m nut’s that things like that don’t happen that no one can know what the future holds and that there is no place as heaven and hell. well they are wrong because I have been to heaven every book I have read bout someone’s trip to heaven happened just like mines did so people need to sit down and think god has those few people he picked to be his deliver’s of msg from people in heaven. I know I believe in heaven, hell and in god .

  • Connie Baker

    I too have had mental visions out of the blue. Years ago I had a mental vision while cleaning my husbands study of a funeral and loss. Tears welled up in my eyes, with a sad feeling of loss. A year later my husband died in a car accident. Today I have remarried and I am very happy, but once again I am having sad mental feelings again, not once but I have had mental feelings twice with tears. Please help me with this personal situation. I know God prepares us for everything in our lives day to day if we trust him and believe in him . Please help me understand what I am feeling.

  • Roxanne

    I will say this all of these comments interest me. Since I was a small child, i had dreams where my mother left me. Another recurring dream of losing her in an empty store drowned in a meat freezer full of water. I remember vividly reaching out to touch her shoulder as she was floating in water. Her body would roll over to me and I would wake up scared. Many nights I had to go crawl in bed with her to be sure that had not happened.
    There were no outright signs that came at me except 2 completely unrelated things. In a sudden moment it clicked and I was 100% sure I was adopted. That wasn’t the full case. My biological mother had left my life as a baby. I never knew her or spoke to her. One day at band camp I just had this serene feeling watching the trees and thinking what a gift. I came home with a bad knee and on the way to the hospital she mentioned there had been some bad luck. I was 15. I asked like what and she said she’d tell me about it later. Another voice clear as a bell said Renee’s dead(my bio mom) She had committed suicide the day I felt so serene.
    With my Grandfather, that same voice said this is the last time you will see him alive. The day he died right before something told me to call them. I said i’ll do it later. He died in a gardening accident. When my mom got sick last year she had kidney and heart problems. When she died her body weight had over doubled her normal weight because of all the water. When she was in the hospital the last 2 nights before she was moved into home hospice. The day they were moving her, that same voice told me now was the time to mourn, I had just had the last conversation I would ever have with her. It was right about that too.
    I also have had dreams of the Coming of Christ. There have been 3 the first was about 12 yrs ago appeared as a ray of light purer than ever seen. It was so bright it was like a bolt across the sky and I realized I had been left behind. The second time not too long ago (2-3 years) I saw him riding slowly down on a Cloud of Glory. He wore a robe so bright the cloud and his hair was a mixture of white and literal fire. I saw other people some I knew some I’ve never met walking with me down a hill to meet Him. The most recent a couple of months ago. All I saw of Him was the light, then I felt myself slowly being pulled through the air up. But suddenly all the rush was gone because it was done.
    Now I have an anxiety disorder that makes me fear things especially foreboding feelings. I spent an entire day sure that this was the day I would make one mistake and it would all be done. Someone wondered if it was the closer heaven comes the more the vail drops. Joel 2:28 and Acts 2:17 Say these dreams and visions would happen in the last days. I have learned to listen when that little voice speaks. I have often found it is not meant to prepare us for what is to come but it is a call to action. A prayer, a phone call keeping someone out of the garden. When it is our time it is our time. When He sees no more that we can do that will bring Glory to Him. But He has also promised relentless wrath only to have a prayer from as few as 1 person that changed the fate of thousands. Just because of the signs the world gives us indicate it is the end doesn’t mean we should back off. As Paul compares it to a marathon, there is always that burst towards the finishline when you see it.

  • Nicole

    While all of that is true, He needs more then just your heart. You can love God with all of your heart, and I fully stand by that. I, however believe with my whole heart that you need to have a relationship with God. To allow Him into every aspect of your life, and to obey, trust, and follow Him. He will never forsake you, nor will He ever leave your side in your time of need. If you give Him ALL of you. You can’t expect Him to stand by you if your not willing to do the same for HIm. You see, people love to blame God for giving them more then they can handle, but if your not giving your All to God and obeying what He wants for your life you can’t blame Him for your downfall…

  • anonymous

    I messed up physically with my ex boyfriend and we ended up breaking up. We clearly still liked each other afterwards, and when praying genuinely to God if I should let Him go or not, I heard a clear voice saying “Give me the year”. He ended up moving out of state in order to finish school for the year, and God also gave me a clear dream about continuing to stay at the same church that we both served at…. in the meanwhile I have been lacking trust in God and creating havoc through panicking and sharing my dreams with other people and creating a mess :/ all the while making it affect my health and having me spiral into deep depression and anxiety….. so I guess my question lately is can I ruin God’s plans for me, or if he is “the one” , will it still somehow work out someday… hmm..

  • Londonshaz

    I dreamt my father was in my hallway of my apartment in the dark one night & fell backwards in slow motion with a kind of groaning sound. I woke up in the morning and had a bad feeling about it, but thought it was just a dream. Not long after this I began to feel quite stressed as though I wasn’t really coping with the demands of life, so I agreed with work to reduce my days from 5 to 4. Next thing my dad has cancer and is gone 2 months later. I can’t help thinking God was forewarning me. I only told my husband about this. I also have things where I wake up thinking of a random song or a person I haven’t seen for months and then the song is playing when I get in my car or the person appears or contacts me out of the blue the next day, to the extent that it freaks me out slightly. At school years ago I dreamt about a stack of coins (50p, 20p, £1) on the steps of my school underpass, and the next day walking up the steps with friends, there they were. It was so strange. These things seem more random and meaningless, but they make me think I have been given some foresight for some reason.

  • Sivraj

    I want to make a few comments:

    1) The vast majority of the premonition discussion comments seem to be about something negative happening. Death looms. Aren’t there premonitions of good things?

    2) Dr. Witherington’s uses the phrase “God’s Early Warning System”. This gives another thing to consider. Perhaps God is warning us about something that is going to happen so that we can “pray it away” so to speak. I feel like I have been here. In my early days I did not understand what was going on so I never prayed and the negative thing happened. Now I turn it over to God Almighty and ask for mercy. I have received it.

    Jonah was God’s early warning system to the Ninevites.

    3) Remember “Prove all things” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:21. The devil also is out there to counterfeit things.

  • sb

    I had a dream that I was on a back road and a truck came off the interstate and I could see it was going to push me into the gaurd rail. I could see my car was going to be smashed between the truck and gaurdrail. I started crying out loud “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die!” The truck made a sharp left hand turn and just missed my car. Instead of being relieved I started sobbing. I didn’t know why. I was sobbing out loud and just staring straight ahead. I woke up (unfortunatly).

    I swear the dream was so real that the next morning I told my kids and husband to be careful driving. I told all of them of the dream and I was still shaken up by it.

    Three weeks later my dad was on a side street, a car came off the interstate made an illegal left hand turn and pushed my fathers car into a gaurd rail. His car caught fire and he died. Talk about feeling strange. He was one person I didn’t think to call and say be careful driving.

  • Michelle McGinnis Taylor

    I had a dream last night that God warned me of my death in one month. I was in a white flowing dress and my hair was down…relaxed. I was caring for two little girls whose mothers had died. God allowed them to speak with their mothers for a moment so they would be comforted and know that their mothers were okay. I couldn’t find my sons and my husband was fumbling around the house in his own world…he is a heart attack survivor…truly a miracle. It’s documented. I was directed to walk out onto a back patio with no rails and look over the edge and across the valley. I saw brilliant, beautiful, warm light and colors. It made me feel good. Then I saw angels like I’ve never seen before. Flowing long white wings and the closer they got the better I felt. Then I went back inside and reality set in. My husband cannot care for the little girls. My boys will be so hurt and I will miss them so much. I can’t die…I can’t leave. Who will care for my children and these other little girls? I went back to the patio and looked out. Then I woke up. Many of my dreams have come true in the past. I fear what this dream might mean. I may not be the one who physically dies but that means whomever else dies…it will kill me inside. I’ve given it to God but I do think it’s a message of some sort.’

  • A.J.

    I had a dream on thursday that my fathers girlfriend of 30yrs had passed and i needed to call him to console him. The dream was more like a feeling so real that i was double guessing myself if it was true. The next day my father called me from his camping trip to tell me that he had to put down 2 of his 3 elderly sheltie dogs. He was very emotional and the dream kinda made a connection but was still very strange.Well the day after that saturday his girlfriend called me as he was dying of a heart attack on route to hospital. I was warned from either the dogs, his mother, his father or god. i have had many premonitions before but they never are exactly what is going to happen just a warning sign but why and who was telling me?

  • BenW3

    Hi A.J. Dreams are often God’s early warning signs of something dramatic that is about to happen. The problem of course is how to interpret them. And sometimes of course, our own thoughts get jumbled up with the content of the message from God. What they make clear is that God knows in advance various things that will happen, and he cares about how it effects a person, in this case you. Blessings, BW3

  • Clint

    My wife and I have been seperated for two months. I am a Christian and I wanted to reconcile. About 5 weeks ago I had a dream where my wife gave me to this girl I am friends with. She told the girl to be with me and we were married and played music all around. 5 days ago my wife told me she committed adultery and right after this she texted this girl and told her that she would never be with me again and she was perfect for me and that she would trust her with our daughter. The whole thing blew my mind because what kind of woman does these things? What’s the liklihood of all of this? It freaked the girl out and she’s being very distant now when before she was about me. I can tell she still likes me though. I just feel like I need to focus on God and give it a lot of time. I don’t want to fall to temptation with this girl because she’s very tempting and a ton of things have to happen for her to be right for me. She’s attracted to me because I am Godly and we have a ton in common but she’s in an open relationship. I will not allow myself to be the reason for her relationship to end. It can be added that she doesn’t do the running around her German man does. They have the strangest relationship ever. I just worry that maybe my dream was from satan and not God

  • BenW3

    Clint this one is easy. The dream has to do with some of your subconscious desires for this other woman. As for your wife, obviously God doesn’t approve of adultery, and indeed Jesus even says that if one divorces and marries another, there is a danger of committing adultery just by doing that! So I think the end of your comment shows your good sense—- not only do you need to give this whole deal time. No decisions should be based on your wife’s behavior, or advice to this other woman.


    Ben W

  • Shirley

    I wonder if your dream means to let go of the past, to throw away that which is old and of no use (the almonds), but to always treasure and reawaken the memory of your son’s life (perhaps the recyclng bin speaks of renewal).

  • Shirley

    What your dream might also mean is that you are free to divorce your wife and marry another woman, though I don’t know if it’s the new woman or not. Jesus said, Matthew 19:9 (NIV): “I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for sexual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”” Your wife has committed sexual immorality, and that’s the exception where you can divorce that Jesus spoke about.

  • Liz

    Hi Dianne, sorry for the late reply, I only just realised you had posted here. Apart from the premonition dream (which I didn’t realise was about Tom, or could be a warning), when I look back I can remember crying a few times about Tom dying, or looking at a photo of the family and feeling that there’d be a time when he wouldn’t be with us. Tom himself (apart from the strange final animation) said about a week before that he wanted everyone to be really sad when he died. And later one of his good friends told me that when saying goodbye to Tom a few days before, he had thought that out of all his friends he would be most upset if Tom died. There were other things that were very meaningful after the event, but not premonitions as such. Thanks for asking.

  • Liz

    I am sure you’re right Shirley, and the dream was more about that as a preparation than to warn me to stop it. In fact, since then songs have played at very important times that say the same thing. One recent one, was when I finally felt able to collect Tom’s ashes from the funeral home and to ‘bring Tom home’, as I had called it. Before going I answered a message from Tom’s great friend who had put Tom’s signature at the bottom of her animation as a tribute. She told me she had his signature because he’d given it for her to sign him into Uni if he overslept! I replied with ‘How funny, what a naughty boy!’. Then I left the house and collected Tom’s ashes. I sat in the car and cried and then I thought I would drive back with the radio on to see if there was a song from Tom. The song playing was ‘Home’ by Naughty Boy. The words are beautiful, please do listen.
    And then I switched stations and the song that played was Tom’s ‘signature’ tune as we call it ‘Hotel California’ because he played it so famously in a concert, with his guitar out of tune. Thank you for your thoughts Shirley.