The Durham Chronicles are Coming!



I have been named scholar in residence at John’s College at the University of Durham (not to be confused with Duke) in Durham England. So I will be returning to my alma mater for the Spring or Easter term beginning today, Maundy Thursday. I will be writing a series of posts about my adventures and misadventures at my alma mater beginning soon. Stay tuned!!

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  • Mlkehoe

    I look forward to hearing about your adventures. My mother studied at Oxford in her sixties…Early Childhood Learning. Love your diversity in your posts and that you are so well grounded in Christ…reminds me of Dr. Tom Carruth.

  • http://TheBibleandCulture Marie Allen

    Can’t wait to hear about all your UK adventures! Perhaps some thoughts about Wesley’s England?

    Happy Easter!

  • Betty Johnson

    Congratulations and may God bless you as you bless others during this time. I have prayed that this will be a blessed personal time for you as well as this is your dear Christie’s birthplace isn’t it? I feel like I enjoy a new learning experience each day as I read this blog. Thank you for the joy, the tears, the laughter and the intellectual wrestling you share with those of us who can only ‘know’ you through this means.

  • Steve Harper

    Hello, Ben!

    Congratulations on your appointment. I remember to this day the hospitality you showed me in 1979, when I came to see you in Durham. I am glad you can walk the city streets and country roads of such a beautiful place–and one that holds both a joyous and sacred place in your heart.

  • Patrick

    Congratulations. It’s great to see folks who love God and His Word be given positions of influence like this.

  • Diana Trautwein

    Wonderful!! I look forward to this. Durham Cathedral is a favorite of mine, majestic and HUGE.

  • Sariah

    Dr. Witherington:

    Congratulations!!! I pray that the Lord will use you to glorify His name in Durham England.


  • Ben Witherington

    Thanks to one all for the encouragement. I am now safely ensconced in John’s College, and enjoyed my usual run ‘down by the river side’, albeit much slower than 35 years ago. The sun is coming out on a beautiful Good Friday. Already been to one service. On to more this weekend. I love the stripping of the altar and the slamming shut of the tryptich with three paintings of Christ before his crucifixion. It’s quite the dramatic worship service. Easter blessings friends.