Tunnel Vision?

This amazing tunnel is found in the Ukraine, and is a local railway tunnel to a private factory. The locals however call it ‘the tunnel of love’. Whatever else you can say, it is ‘tree-mendously’ beautiful. :)

  • Peter Bylen

    Not “the” Ukraine but Ukraine.

  • http://www.thechristiannetwork.com Jack Jones

    Thanks, I like that tunnel.

    God Bless

  • Ben Witherington

    Thanks Peter. I realize Russian and cognate languages have issues with the definite article, but it’s perfectly good English to say ‘the Ukraine’ just as you would say ‘the United States of America’. BW3

  • Nasko Lazarov

    Ben – “the” applies to “states” of the “United States of America”… you don’t say “I am going to the America…” :) Try putting “the” when using it for “the Italy”… “the France” – sounds awkward, doesn’t it?