St. Andrews Highlights

This is the first of two posts on St. Andrews, mostly pictures. What you see above is two aging gentlemen, one with the initials BW3 and one with the initials NTW. We are standing in Tom Wrights lovely sitting room in his bungalow near Kirkaldy. The next two pictures are from his study— one is of the handwritten flow chart for Chapter 10 of the Paul book. The other is his Thomas Jefferson revolving Bible stand (I need one of those for sure).

Below this we have pictures of me doing battle at Kingsbarns’ golf links. Notice the Durham purple sweater keeping me from freezing. Also notice the pot bunkers in which many a lad has tried and died. Not me baby. I used my hand-mashy to get out :) The next post will show you Scott and Deb Hafemann’s lovely Crall seaside bungalow.

  • Ed Beedle

    To spend time one on one with NT Wright would be a dream come true for me!

  • Lauren Kelley

    Two of my favorite guys to read. =) Love a good, handwritten flow chart! I hope you’re having a great time.

  • Lauren Kelley

    I just shared this post with my husband who said, “Those two guys have forgotten more today than I’ve ever managed to learn.” I felt compelled to share. We both enjoy both of your work immensely.

  • James Petticrew

    not a great time to be here in Scotland its felt like Narnia an never ending winter since Feb, especially here on the east coast with that wind from the north sea.

  • Tom Kushman

    Thanx to both of you for your work on behalf of the Church. You two are proof He is answering Her prayer “Thy Kingdom come, on Earth as It is in The Heavenies”.

  • TC Robinson

    Thanks for sharing these BW3. I’ve learned so much from you both. Keep up the good words. ;-)