St. Andrews Highlights 2

Two of the nicest people on the planet, and certainly two of the nicest associated with St. Andrews are Scott and Deborah Hafemann. These pictures are taken from their house in Crail, except the kilt picture (what other university helps you dress fit to kilt) and the one of Scott and myself at the train station. Most of the villages on the North Sea are of course fishing villages. The problem with St. Andrews is that it is wicked expensive to live there, due to the golf etc. and huge influx of tourists. So most faculty live in outlying villages like Crail or Kirkaldy. Hope you enjoy the pictures. St. Andrews is indeed a bonny place.

  • James Mace

    I’m so glad you came, Ben. It was just great to see you. And your info re the Gobeckli Tepe temple was paradigm-shifting (although I should contact you with some feedback I have for you to fill out the communitarian aspect of the ecclesial imago Christi).

    Scott (my second Supervisor) and Debara’s house and the historic fishing village of Crail seem almost archetypally beautiful. On a sunny day it seems a Platonic form of fantastic quaintness. You may be interested that my 27th great-grandmother, Countess Ada de Warenne (mother of William I the Lion King of Scotland) used to own the castle up above their house on the harbour.

  • James Petticrew

    what other university helps you dress fit to kilt ? ….. Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Heriot Watt. Napier, Caledonian etc