The Durham Chronicles– the Telicious Tea Room

While in England, not everything stops for tea, a great deal does. Today I went into the new Tealicious Tea Room on Elvet Bridge in Durham and was transported back in time. The bright white washed walls were inviting, the flowers on the table, and the tea properly brewed (no tea bags need apply for admittance to this shop), and the tea served in proper china cups. Perfect.

Then there were the non-caloric cakes by the dozen— walnut, key lime, but I was having the ‘squiggy ginger cake’ (yes that’s its proper name– squiggy because it has moist dates in it which makes it more…… squiggy of course). There was also wonderful home made bread. I had the bread with the dried tomato in it.

I should add that the staff and owners are delightful folk, and the service is top drawer. Here’s their website to check out….. Show up no later than 4….. because everything stops for tea, except the tearoom which is a wee little place and will be crammed full of tea lovers.

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