Turkish Odyssey Part Four

Anyone who has read the Chronicles of Narnia will be well familiar with Turkish Delight. But that is hardly the only sweet in the Turkish arsenal. For example, check out this…

Or this….

Or did I mention this…

Or this…

Or finally this…

In short, the Turks have as bad a sweet tooth as the Brits. And don’t even get me started about the baklava (a Turkish word…. not a Greek word… so guess where that dessert was first made?), or Kunife– a honeyed shredded wheat with cheese in the middle kind of dessert, not to mention the best ice cream bars in the world— Magnum bars (try the Espresso which is the new coffee one, or the Fistik.. the pistachio nut one).

It is fair to say that there is no danger at all of the Turks not getting their just desserts.

  • http://www.hongkongudy.com Karl Udy

    One of my favourites, though you won’t be able to find it now because it’s only available in winter is the hot sweet drink called sahlep, and described as hot chocolate without the chocolate.

  • http://gospelthemes.blogspot.com Tom Schuessler

    All I can say is … nice.

  • Mike Keeping

    Been there, done that and, as a “Brit”, got the T shirt!