Organ-ic Music– The Revenge of the Organist

There is a hilarious article in today’s Daily Telegraph about how English organists have taken revenge on their ministers and others they found difficult to work with. In a survey taken by Christian Research, almost half the respondents mentioned that they had noticed organists slipping snippets of heavy metal classics, advertising jingles, and nursery rhymes into hymns and anthems. For example, there was an organist in Scotland who had fallen out with the elders in his church, but he got his revenge by playing a thinly disguised version of ‘Send in the Clowns’ when they processed into the church one Sunday. In another incident, a priest fired an organist who played ‘Roll out the Barrel’ at the funeral of someone who was known to love to drink. Yet another congregation heard Abba’s Money. Money, Money one Sunday when the collection was being taken up.

Of course, one way to avoid this whole problem is to go with Praise Music… oh wait, that already is rock n’ roll and pop music 🙂

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