The Durham Chronicles– Visit to York Part Two

I have a confession to make— I am a stained glass window junkie. I just love those things. I go to exhibits and museums and cathedrals and ordinary churches just to see them. They are to the English tradition, what icons are to the Orthodox traditions— windows on or into heaven.

And York has so many great stained glass windows, they even have a guide to stained glass windows and a chart explaining all the OT and NT images. For example, his the chart explaining the OT images….

Sadly the large east window is under repair, so all you can see is pictures of the window, but here are some of the pictures… of Revelation no less— an image of the seven churches mentioned at the outset of Revelation, then an image from Revelation 5 of Christ the lamb in glory, and even an image of St. John on the boat on the way to the island of Patmos…

Back to the real windows…. they are huge and breath-taking, but some have gone all grey over the years and will require restoring. But here are some of the rehabilitated ones.

The Law and the Prophets

Solomon is on the right in this window.

Here below is the west window, which the setting sun makes so glorious as one leaves Evensong.

And then two of the side windows…

We will turn to the outside of the cathedral and its neighbors next.

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