The Durham Chronicles– Castle College

They say a man’s home is his castle, but what if a castle is a student’s home. Yes, it’s true, the castle which used to be where the prince bishops used to dwell, is now the residence of a whole lot of Durham students, to some of whom I had the pleasure of listening to and giving a lecture to last week… so here are some snaps of Castle College… as it is now known.

But of course you have to get by the porter to get into that courtyard… and here’s the formidable gate…

One of the more interesting bits of the castle is that instead of having a gaol, it has a Norman Chapel under it!

We met in the Senate Chamber as it was called, where the bishops and princes used to make major decisions. It has a hearth complete with the crests of some of the former residents….not to be confused with the present ones…

Here was the keynote speaker standing where the princes and bishops once stood….

Back outside there are Norman arches to look through…

And when you turn around and look across Palace Green you see this little cathedral….

All I can say is… if you live in this place and can’t get inspired, you must be a quart low on Spirit receptivity.

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