The Durham Chronicles– Visit to York– Part Three

So once you get outside the cathedral, seeing most anything is possible. York is, like Durham, on a good-sized river. In this case the Ouse (pronounced ooooze of course). But likely the first thing you notice when you get off the train is the old city walls.

Then as you cross the bridge over the river, you will see the museum park where lie the ruins of an old abbey (in this case not referring to a person!)—

And you may be tempted to do a wall walk… but don’t bring Fido…

And you may want to explore some of the towers, most especially the round tower called Clifford’s Tower…

Or perhaps you fancy viewing the Guy Fawkes Inn, the man born in York, who tried to blow up Parliament and the King. Here in the North the attempt is celebrated. Down in the South the failure of the attempt is celebrated 🙂

Or perhaps you want to do the architecture tour of the area, including the Shambles, pausing to notice especially the famous timber beam construction.

Or maybe you’re tired and just want to sit outside the cathedral and stare up at the spires…

Or maybe you want to walk just down from the cathedral to St. Wilfrids Catholic Church and study the symbolism over it’s door.

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