The Durham Chronicles— Visit to York Part Four

Saturday, since time immemorial in the U.K., is market day… and when market day happens in old York, all the buskers, blowers, crooners, bangers, players of music show up to entertain, along with jugglers, actors and ghost hunters. It’s rather like a 3 ring circus comes to town. You can even ride the Ferris wheel by the river. But I digress. Let me show you some of the likely lads I came across…

Nothing like a good pipes and drum corps to get the blood pumping.

But then there are the shops to see, such as the cobbler’s shop, complete with robotic cobbler doll in the window…

And just outside that shop…. more posers!

It’s enough to make a lad hungry…. so naturally I went to the sweet shop for some ice cream….

Here below are the ladies who all too willingly help you break your Lenten fast from ice cream…

But since I had dessert first, then I needed to look for lunch…..almost stopped at the butcher shop….

They had Yorkshire pies, but they were not warm…. and then I was told go to the Black Swan… best Yorkshire pie and beverages….. It’s a 14th century era magistrate’s house turned into a pub.

This pub is the real deal…..

So it was time for the real Yorkshire pie… complete with gravy and parsnip and carrot mash…

Even Einstein’s calculations that this pie are round, not squared…. and plumb delicious…

Not for everyman is the journey to York… you may become a bigger man than when you first stepped off the train in York…..but you will never the less have fulfilled Isaiah 55.1 (KJV) and here is another satisfied customer with a silly grin on his face….

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