The Angel of the North

When’s the last time you saw a 697 foot tall angel? And talk about a man of steel, this dude is. Standing on a hill in Gateshead, hovering over the Tyne and facing Newcastle is what appear to be the largest angel sculpture in the whole world…. and increasingly one of the most beloved and visited angels ever. Here are some pictures I took on the way back from a visit to the Roman Wall at Housesteads. See what you think…

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  • pastordt

    Amazing. We were in England/Scotland/Wales in 1990 so missed this. (I read the description and it says 65 ft. high. Which is it? 65 or 697?)

  • BenW3

    Its 697 feet. It is huge…. as the pictures show. BW3

  • Leland Vickers

    The plaque that you photographed says 65 ft.