The Cambridge Chronicles: Part Three

It has been said that Cambridge is the place where British eccentricity goes to die or at least where the odd get even. I can well believe it. There are a lot of wild and wacky, interesting and strange things, and people in Cambridge. Take for example the clock above. Yes, that is a clock with a gigantic bug on it, moving the seasons along. Some eccentric man agreed to donate pots of money to a particular Cambridge institution provided they would install and display this Oriental clock of sorts… money talks, and it happened right on the High Street in Cambridge. But you can see other sorts of interesting things on the High Street in Cambridge…. for example this creature..

Ask yourself this question— Do you want to take shopping advice from a giant bug?? And then of course you can be walking along one of the canals downtown and see the mathematical bridge—–

I imagine this bridge is called mathematical, because something about it just doesn’t add up. It’s clearly not up to Roman bridge standards for sure. And then of course you walk a little further down the canal path, which again is in downtown Cambridge, and you run into cows… cows grazing on the park grass, pooping on the walkway through the park next to the canal… need I say more.

Cambridge is as well, the city of 30,000 bicyclists (at least). So I suppose it’s not entirely a shock to be walking down a street in downtown Cambridge and see a bicycle wheel sticking out of wall, like say…. here…..

This of course leads to a discussion of the normal people in Cambridge— by which I mean the academics, the professors, the big thinkers….. in my next post 🙂

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