London Calling

Before it was time to trundle off to the U.S. again, I took a final trip into London to see the new exhibits at the British Museum (an exhibit on Biblical Coins, and one on Pompeii), but on the way, I felt a need to stop off at Baker Street, 221b Baker Street to be precise. Turns out, Sherlock has some new neighbors on Baker St.— the Beatles, as you will now see.

But the real buzz on Baker Street on this morning was indeed at 221B. Here’s the bobby protecting the entrance way…

Right next to 221B is the Holmes Museum, as well as Mrs. Hudson’s shop…

There were of course some important notices at 221B……

And perhaps most importantly, images of two detectives near the Baker St. Underground Station—-

Can you detect the two detectives?

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  • David Ruffell

    I used to work at that address when it was a Building Society (bank), there were many visitors who actually thought that Sherlock Holmes really lived. The Abbey National Building Society kept a room as a mock-up of Holmes’s study. Unfortunately, I never got to see it.