OOPS! What’s wrong with this Picture?

Ah Nike, you really know how to inspire the fan base. Here is the latest Carolina Panther’s T shirt. My suggestion is go out and buy it quickly…. it will be worth a lot in due course. Take a good hard look at this merchandise and ask yourself this question— What’s Wrong with this Picture? Well, for starters, the Carolina Panthers play in Charlotte, and last I checked that’s 25 miles inside the southern border of North Carolina. So the N.C. and Panthers part of the T shirt is alright…. but wait a minute, what state’s image is that? Inquiring minds want to know. Here’s a clue— it’s not North Carolina!

So, in a reverse marketing coup, you should rush right out and get this blooper T shirt with a picture of S.C. on it. Someday you can explain to your grandchildren how the winged goddess of victory— Nike, suffered defeat at the hands of a simple American geography lesson.

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